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  • Listening to: Eiffel 65
  • Reading: Jane Eyre
  • Watching: Hercules the Legendary Journies
  • Playing: World of Warcrack/League of Legends
  • Eating: bagels!!!
  • Drinking: water
The big guy and I decided to hit up ALA for the day after some awesome new friends offered us a home base to change at (aka :iconorangemoose: and :iconyoruichinyow:'s  hotel room). The weather was surprisingly good this year so we were able to head down. Wren brought his Wesker(intimidating and awesome as usual <3 )and  I only brought Vanessa Vancleef, which is a monster in itself, with me but it was the only one that would be more protective against any cold weather we might have encountered, and I updated some parts with some help of a certain someone's shiny airbrush machine *o* Con itself was fun in that we were able to hang out with a ton of friends. I didn't appreciate that the convention was so overcrowded though, so we will definitely not be attending next year unless they relocate.

We got to meet a lot of nice and interesting people this convention. My friend :iconorangemoose: and I were asked to be filmed by a nice gentleman for his youtube work as can be seen here:…
I never got to be in one of these before, so it was fun to do instead of just posing still =)
We also met a photographer who may be putting together a photo book! *o* I hope it works out for him, so I can show my grandma my costume in print hehe~

:iconorangemoose: and I were even approached by some people that were asking us to interview for a "nerdy" reality TV show O.o; I felt extremely uncomfortable about it because most of those shows want nothing more than people to fight and curse each other out the whole time. It would put any person in a bad light by subtle editing and sneaky remarks. We firmly told them that we would not be interested and I hope others did the same. Crap like that can ruin your life and make you a laughing stock of TV instead of the classic 15 minutes of fame. We explained to them that we do this hobby for fun and we were not looking to sell ourselves in any way whatsoever! T.T

I'll be starting work on my League of Legends costume soon if I can pull myself off of the game for more than 5 seconds lol
  • Listening to: Escaflowne Movie OST
  • Reading: Dante's Inferno
  • Watching: House
  • Playing: World of Warcrack
  • Eating: cherries!!! omnomnom
  • Drinking: water
As the title says, yup I'm finally graduating from this hellish pit of a college. FIVE long years of monstrously bad roommates(only about 3 good ones out of the bunch I kid you not), and very questionable professors. I felt like they could have done so much more to make the major interesting but just lacked in every way(can I have my money back now?!?).
I'll be taking up a more permanent residence with my handsome man <3 and hopefully landing a solid job over the summer. Still heading to Fanime besides the 3 hours I'll need to head off for graduation and such. Then after that it'll be just working on Blizzcon costumes until Fall =)  I went to Blizzcon last year without costumes to see what is was like(and I was still new to the whole mmo stuff), so now that I'm more adjusted we decided to do some starter costumes this year and maybe do some more detailed outfits in the future. I'll be doing Vanessa Vancleef and :iconwrenthefaceless: will be going as Harrison Jones! (we're planning a lot of funny photos and maybe some extra props). I plan to attempt the Embersilk gown as well if I have time.

For Fanime I won't have anything really new since this semester has been so hectic of me just going to class, work, eat, homework, sleep(rinse and repeat). I'll be bringing back out:
-Asarella  -Cosmos  -Siggy  -Catwoman  -Hina  -Trish(:iconvasher: said it was ok to bring Sparda for me again <3 )

:iconwrenthefaceless: will have   -Wesker  -Smoker  -Kainen  -possibly Eraqus

I wanted to bring Monica Argento (Vanessa's long lost sister?) back out but I'm too stacked on costumes for this con as it is so maybe some other time =/
  • Listening to: WoW Cataclysm OST
  • Reading: last couple of books for class
  • Watching: House
  • Playing: KHBBS
  • Eating: Japanese chocolate
  • Drinking: water
Forgive the title but the costume I'm currently working on has had me popping bad jokes left and right ^.^; Halfway done with finals but it nothing too worrisome since I have high grades in all my classes anyway. It's my last year stuck in this hell-hole so I don't even really care at this point so as long as I pass. Thanks to shitty roommates and other things this school has been one huge annoyance so it'll be great to finally get out of here and not have to worry about a paper or group project.
   Really looking forward to this weekend. It'll be my third Disneyland trip in 1.5 years =D and my second time ever getting to see the Christmas decorations! In-between lots of holiday plans I'll be finishing up costumes for ALA of course. Just got the last bits of fabric I need to get them all done too <3 Doing way more costumes than I originally planned but it shouldn't be too much of a problem if the cards are played right.
   Next semester will be super easy compared to this mess so I'll have a lot more time to relax and do little crafts and whatnot. Hopefully I can get some more costume photos and other things up in my gallery soon too =)
  • Listening to: Imogen Heap
  • Reading: Geology notes
  • Watching: Labyrinth music videos *o*
  • Playing: KHbBS!!! and Legend of Dragoon
  • Eating: strawberries
  • Drinking: water &amp; juice
Heh looks like I have a bit of updating to do:

~Summer-WONDERFUL, lived with teh boyfriend for the whole break and had a glorious time hanging out, playing WoW and being all around nerdy and fluffy <3
  -Went to AX and it was pretty darn fun, but sadly I didn't end up with a lot of    photos of the new costumes so I may try to remedy that when I have time later on in the year if not by ALA.
  -I began work on a couple of costumes from Zone-00 with :iconwrenthefaceless: and currently just about finished with those besides a few small things here and there. Going to be rather odd doing a "young miss" type of character since I've never done it before ^.^;
  -After those it's going to be a couple of One Piece costumes since a couple of little scoundrels got me into the series and I caught up over the summer (;o; Ace...).

~CURRENTLY- holy crap I have been insanely busy with school. Took a larger than normal load this year and basically I'm getting dumped with paper after paper after test after paper and repeat X.x Kind of looking forward to one project I'm doing with a group where we have to create a children's book, so if I like it enough I'll try and post some pages here. It's the first time I've gotten my urge back to draw seriously in years so it's an enjoyable experience.

~I ventured out to the Renaissance Faire with :iconwrenthefaceless: and :iconvasher: . It was so fun this year, and I even got to learn how to make chainmail, so some future plans do involve chainmail jewelry and/or small armor ^.^

~BLIZZCON OMG GUYS BLIZZCON. So fucking excited to go you don't even know. Looking forward to seeing Sean and his guild members goofing off drunk at the kareoke bar XD

~Speaking of college...this is my final year(thank goodness T___T). Trying to make sure I have everything done and ready to go in time for a nice smooth graduation  because I sure as hell don't want to be here another second after that >__>; One professor in my major is promoting us to do our own personal artistic projects so that also might mean some additional artwork on here depending how I feel about it (aka I didn't do it last minute)Hoping to maybe make it a corset with chainmail on it since my boss is showing me the exact proper way to make a corset this year *__* I might even cheat and make it Labyrinth inspired or whatnot XD  

~Don't expect much updates after this for as I said I will be super busy keeping up with my classes and projects =/